Umbraco Awards 2023

Nominate packages built for Umbraco

Packages, the modules and plugins that can enhance, extend and change the way Umbraco works, are a vital part of the Umbraco eco-system - and we want to recognize the best of these packages.

If you’ve been creating packages and think it’s top-class, used a new package for a recent project that’s blown your socks off, or have that one package that you use on every site you make, then let us know. What are you waiting for? Give those package authors a huge H5YR by filling in the form and letting us know your nomination.

The fine print:

  • Must function on any version of Umbraco that was released within the past 12 months (i.e. Umbraco 10 or later)
  • Must be listed on the Umbraco Marketplace
  • Can be closed source/commercial or open-source
  • Cannot be owned by Umbraco HQ
  • Any packages submitted that do not meet these criteria will not be considered. Nominations can be made by the package owners and collaborators themselves, or by any member of the community who has used the package.
  • Deadline for submission: April 14, 2023. 

Ready to nominate your own creation or favorite Umbraco Package? Use the form below 👇

Please tell us why you think this package deserves an Umbraco Award