Lightning Sessions

Apply for a Lightning Session slot at Codegarden 2024

A Lightning Session is a 10 minute session. It's the perfect opportunity for you, who are not yet ready to apply for the Call for Speakers but still interested in doing a (short) presentation at Codegarden 2024. This might be your first step to becoming a future Codegarden Speaker, and we are ready to support you! 

We accept applications until the 5th of March, 2024, and all applicants will get an answer by the 19th of March, 2024

About Lightning Sessions

The Lightning Sessions will happen at the stage called "The Theatre" at the Codegarden venue: it's the smallest stage at Codegarden with a maximum attendance of 150 people. Lightning Sessions will also be live-streamed to our online audience, and recorded for future publishing and promotion. Please not that remote sessions are not a possibility.


Accepted Lightning Session speakers get:

    • A free Codegarden 2024 in-person ticket, covering the entire 3-day program including the Pre-Party and lunch and dinner.
    • Speaker coaching from Adam Montandon from Speakers Impact Network, available for both group sessions and 1:1 sessions.
    • An experience you'll never forget, an awesome addition to your CV, and a new or refined skill in public speaking.

Lightning Talk speakers do not get travel and accommodation expenses covered by Umbraco. 

This year, I’ve gone from shying away from public speaking to having now done three meet ups, and Umbraco’s Codegarden.
Pritesh Tailor
Pritesh Tailor
Senior Software Developer

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We believe that a diverse environment fosters creativity, knowledge sharing, and innovation. To achieve this, we are actively seeking to increase the diversity of the Codegarden speakers and attendees through the active support of a diverse speaker lineup.

At Codegarden 2024 we aim to feature speakers from different backgrounds, genders, and geographic locations. Therefore we encourage people from all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences to submit their proposals.

Furthermore, we are committed to creating an event that falls in line with our Code of Conduct providing a safe, inclusive, and of course fun atmosphere for all who attend.

Apply for a Lightning Session slot

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