Codegarden Bouldering

Climb your way to Codegarden

(Indoor) bouldering is a form of free climbing in an artificial gym environment. It’s a real test of upper body strength, balance, and determination!

The Growth Team at Umbraco are hosting a trip to the local Odense Boulders for those who want to get warmed up and muscles sore, or just looking for something new to try.

When: Tuesday 11th June, 10.30am

Where: Odense Boulders (or meet up at Umbraco HQ at 10.15am)

Good to know:

  • There is shoe rental available ast a cost of 35 DKK  (approximately 5 euros) for the entire sessions. We recommend you wear thin socks in these shoes.
  • There are no requirements for clothing - just that they are comfortable and not afraid of chalk :) 
  • Boulder champion Michaela will provide an intro - including on how to fall safely.
  • There is no shower at the venue, so you’ll have to pop back to your hotel (or use the shower at Umbraco HQ) 
  • If you need a break or a refreshment, there is a cafe at the venue providing water, coffee, beers, and more.

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