Tuesday June 11th - 2.00 PM

Join a workshop

On Tuesday June 11th at 2pm we hosted 2 workshops at Umbraco HQ.

Workshop 1: Exploring Umbraco 14: A Developer's Workshop

Phil Whittaker & Jon Whitter

Join us for an immersive workshop designed to introduce the newly released Umbraco 14 from a C# developer's perspective. This comprehensive session is perfect for those looking to understand the latest advancements in Umbraco, featuring a slew of new technologies tailored to enhance your development experience.

Phil Whittaker: Director, HiFi - (He/Him)

Umbraco MVP, speaker, owner of a small agency based in Manchester UK, organiser for Umbraco Manchester and Leeds.


Jon Whitter: Technical Architect, Cantarus

Has been a member of the Cantarus team for 3 years, with over 15 years experience in web industry. Most of that time has been spent working with Umbraco to produce website for client in many different sectors.

Workshop 2: How to Write an Umbazing Technical Article

Janae Cram

Come to the workshop with an idea of what you want to write and leave with a slew of tricks up your sleeve for the future - and hopefully a fresh article already in progress! If you don't have an idea, don't worry, you'll still flesh out your authoring toolkit with some new knowledge and practice.

Janae Cram: Senior Developer, ProWorks & Founder of Skrift Magazine

Janae is a senior developer at ProWorks Corporation and one of the founders of Skrift Magazine. With over 15 years working in Umbraco and web development, she happily classifies herself as a Nerd with a capital N.

Her passions lie in writing clean, re-usable code, playing games - video, tabletop, LARP, you name it! - and drawing.

For Christmas, her mom got her a shirt that says "Just a Girl Who Loves Anime, Ramen, and Sketching" and that's about as accurate as it gets.