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Umbraco Awards 2021

Let's show the world how end clients benefit from Umbraco! There are two new categories this year, "Best Public Sector" and "Best Healthcare" solution, to reflect two of the most popular Umbraco industries worldwide. Show us your best projects!

Read all about the categories in this year's Umbraco Awards below.

Umbraco Awards categories

Umbraco Award for Best Public Sector solution

We want to see the best solutions created for the public sector. Especially when it comes to accessibility, the public sector stands out as a sector with specific requirements. But there are also many other aspects to cover in the public sector space. If you have created a truly great solution tailored for the public sector, let the world, and the award jury see it and nominate it for an Umbraco Award!

Umbraco Award for Best Healthcare solution

The number of healthcare Umbraco solutions is rapidly growing and the healthcare industry seems to be a fantastic fit with Umbraco solutions. We want to see more of these impressive solutions. Show how you specifically thought and built features and functionality into your project for the healthcare sector and you will significantly increase your chances for winning an award in this category.

Umbraco Award for Best Cloud Solution

Show us what can be done with Umbraco Cloud. We have seen some impressive sites built on Umbraco Cloud, and we want to see even more. We are especially impressed if the solution is making use of Umbraco Cloud-specific features such as Baseline setups or similar.

Umbraco Award for Best Custom Solution

In this category, we'll be looking for the coolest custom builds in Umbraco. If you have used Umbraco more as a framework than a CMS, this is the category where you should show it. Show us how far you can take Umbraco in customizing it.

Umbraco Award for Best Editing Experience

A good editing experience means happier end-users. We would like to see how you have made the connection between front- and backend as elegant and intuitive as possible for the editor. Show us your backoffice setup and why editors love what you have made.

Umbraco Award for Best Designed Site

We're looking for the designs that blow us away. Not only visually, but also with respect to web standards. Where stunning design meets clean markup.

Umbraco Award for Best Gold Partner Solution

Umbraco Gold Partners are where the most skilled and highly trained Umbraco developers and web-designers are usually employed and we expect to see great things from all of them. We will choose among all submissions to find the best Gold Partner solution of 2021.

Umbraco Award for Best Certified Partner Solution

Certified Partners are among the top agencies when it comes to knowledge about Umbraco. With access to training and knowledge from Umbraco HQ, they are able to build very impressive solutions. We will choose among all submissions to find the best Certified Partner solution of 2021.

Umbraco Jury's Choice Award

All submissions to the Umbraco Awards are automatically entered in this category, however, the jury can choose outside of these. The secret jury chooses the solution that they think is best utilizing the full potential of Umbraco and sets an example of just how much value can be squeezed out of Umbraco.


  1. The submitter must be the creator of the work.

  2. All submitted projects must have been created since Umbraco Awards 2020.

  3. Submissions are open to all, not only Codegarden attendees.

  4. Submission closes at 23:59 CEST / 02:59 PM PDT May 9th 2021

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