Social Activities @ Codegarden

There’s gonna be a lot of really interesting content at this years Codegarden. But! Everything isn’t about the sessions, the social aspect is also a big part of the conference and we've prepared some awesome activities that you can join as well if you have an in-person ticket. Let’s take a look at some of the fun things that you can take part in during Codegarden if you’re joining us in person! It's a great way to meet Codegarden attendees and HQers in a different setting.

Tighten your bike helmet and join us for a social bike ride

When: Tuesday June 13th from 7.30 - 9:30

Where: We meet at Umbraco HQ, Buchwaldsgade 35, 2nd floor

Grab your bike and helmet, and join us for a social bike ride at Codegarden. 🚲

We will go on an approx 2 hour bike ride from Umbraco HQ (we will be back in time for a shower before the Business Summit starts). We expect to ride ~45-50km. The area around HQ is pretty flat, so don’t worry about long climbs. You don’t need to be a pro and ride 10.000km a year, but you should be comfortable riding 40+ km in a smaller group and have experience on a road bike.

You must wear a helmet, and you should probably bring a spare inner-tube as roads in Denmark are tough on the wheels. We are working on rental-options and will get back to you with that when we know!

SIGN UP NOW for the social bike ride

Compete in the padel tournament 

When: June 13, 8:00 - 9:30 CEST

Start Codegarden out in a fun and active way with the padel mini-tournament! Get a little bit of exercise and it’s a great way to socialize with other people who will be at Codegarden.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a professional or if you’ve never tried padel before, everyone is welcome to join! Padel is really easy to pick up and there will surely be other attendees who are more than willing to help beginners.

There will be rackets available, so you only have to bring clothes suitable for a workout. The venue has changing rooms and showers so you’ll be able to clean up before you head off to enjoy the rest of the activities for the day after dropping of your sports bag at our wardrobe.

If you’d like to join us for a game of padel you can sign up right here

Stretch your body before you stretch your mind 🧘🤸

When: June 15th from 07.30-08.00
Where: At Social Space in DOK5000

Thursday morning we will open DOK5000 up for a yoga session, so you can stretch your body, before stretching your mind. Let's get the blood flowing, and make sure we are in our best shape to listen and learn. We will provide you with mats at DOK5000, and don't worry about wearing jeans or dresses. The class will be adapted to the context.You don't have to sign up to join - you can just show up.

Get your running shoes on and join the CG Runners

When:  June 14 and 15 from 7:00 - 7:30 CEST

Where: In front of the Plaza Hotel, Østre Stationsvej 24, 5000 Odense C

Want to experience the beautiful surroundings of Odense in a different way? Then join CG Runners 🏃‍♂️

The route will be revealed on the day, but you’re guaranteed to see a lot of the beautiful views in the city. Everyone is more than welcome, you just have to show up in running gear and with your awesome Codegarden mood 😄

CG Runners was actually invented by the lovely Umbraco community, so it’s sure to be an amazing way to spend some time before the conference day gets started. There's no sign-up, you just have to show up at the right time and place 😄

The uBuddy program :heart_umbraco:

Codegarden 2023 is bringing back the uBuddy program! 

The uBuddy program is an initiative made by HQ to help Codegarden first-timers and everyone who might feel a little bit more comfortable with having someone to attend sessions and socialize with. We want to make sure everyone will be welcomed into the umbrazing community in the best possible way  :u:

By getting a uBuddy you will have an Umbraco-buddy to help you with any Codegarden questions you might have and hopefully make a few new friends along the way. 

All you have to do is show up for our uBuddy kickoff session Wednesday the 14th at 08.30 and you will get matched with a friendly uBuddy and 2-3 other attendees and together you can get to know each other and Codegarden 🤗

Sign up here if you want to be a uBuddy. 

Pre-party with us at Umbraco HQ

When: June 13 from 19:30 - 23:00 CEST

Where: Umbraco HQ, Buchwaldsgade 35, 2nd floor, 5000 Odense C

Help us with getting Codegarden off to an amazing start with a pre-party! This is a fantastic and casual way to meet new people, catch up with some of your old friends, network, and generally enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Is there really any better way to really get into Codegarden-mode before the big event?

The theme for the pre-party is Hawaii so make sure to bring your best Hawaiian shirt, lei (the flower wreath), or anything else that might be appropriate for the theme 🌺

Pull Requests for the Pre-party

That's right, even the pre-party is open source. What can you contribute to a party? Drinks of course 🍹Any type of drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, tea etc.) that you and so many other Umbracians can enjoy.

What makes these drinks pull requests extra special is when you send your favorite local drinks. We love seeing this, as it shows what we already know; that the Umbraco community is diverse and global and that it’s made up of a friendly bunch of people who are willing to share their knowledge  (and drinks 🤗) with others. 

All you have to do is to:

  1. Find the local drinks you’d like to send
  2. Wrap them up safely
  3. Get them shipped to Umbraco HQ in time for the pre-party on June 13 🎉:

     Umbraco A/S
     Buchwaldsgade 35, 2nd floor
5000 Odense

(Pssst… if it’s easier for you to wrap the drinks up in your suitcase and bring them to the party, that’s very much appreciated as well 😉)

We look forward to receiving your pull request - we‘ll approve anything, so submit away! Once you’ve shipped it, keep an eye on our Twitter account, as we'll be sharing our appreciation for your Drink PRs on there 🙌 

Are you ready for the dinner party?

As per usual we're not going to reveal too much about what is going to happen at the dinner party on Thursday, June 15. There will be a wide variety of entertainment, prizes and celebrations that you don't want to miss out on - but other than that, you’ll have to be there to know what will happen 😉