The Official Umbraco Conference


What is Codegarden?

Codegarden is the biggest international Umbraco conference in the world. It is also the only Umbraco conference that’s organized by Umbraco HQ - the company behind Umbraco CMS.

While we call it Umbraco Developer Conference, we want Codegarden to be a great experience for developers, creatives, and business owners alike, so the conference agenda will have something on the menu for everyone.

The cherry on top? This year, it's virtual and doesn't cost a thing. 💸

So join us on June 9-11 2021!


Why is Codegarden a conference like no other?

Even with the ease of access and openness the virtual nature of Codegarden brings, there is one thing we need to avoid. The dreaded Zoom fatigue.

So let’s beat it! Besides the talks from industry experts, the three-day conference program will be full of opportunities to discuss, interact, and take part in fun activities. This way, we won’t lose the friendly atmosphere and feeling of togetherness between the attendees Codegarden is known for.

Because there is one more thing Codegarden is - it's fun.

So save the best seat in the house (literally) - and get your free ticket!

When and where is Codegarden 2021?

Codegarden 2021 is set to take place on June 9 - June 11, 2021, and it's going to be virtual for the very first time!

That's right - you'll be able to join the exciting sessions from anywhere in the world and to feel the unique Umbraco community vibe from the comfort of your own home/office 🎉 

No plane tickets necessary this year. No jet lag stopping you from enjoying the sessions and talks. Just relevant industry knowledge accessible as never before

So come to Codegarden - and take your team with you!

"Although attending Codegarden in person is quite the experience, the virtual event gives even more members of our team—and our clients—the chance to experience the valuable sessions, hear about the latest use cases, and get to know more people within the active Umbraco community, all of which will help build their businesses and ours."
Tony Cortinas
Vice president of Marathon Consulting,

What is Umbraco, anyway?

Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) - often called “the friendly CMS” - developed and maintained by Umbraco HQ.

The software offers developers a high degree of flexibility, security, and scalability, enabling them to build solutions ranging from apps to complex websites. With its user-friendly interface, editors can manage content quickly and easily. 

Besides the free CMS version, Umbraco also offers Umbraco Cloud, a headless CMS Umbraco Heartcore, and Umbraco Uno, a one-stop platform for non-technical marketers and creative agencies.

Currently, more than 700,000 websites run live on Umbraco, and the Umbraco community boasts more than 220,000 active members contributing to make the CMS better.

Who's looking forward to Codegarden 2021?

Emmanuel Tissera, a valuable Umbraco MVP and active community member, lives in Australia, and he’s never got the chance to join Codegarden. But this year, he’ll be able to join our virtual conference without having to travel all the way to Denmark 📺

''I've never attended Codegarden but always wanted to. Peeps who attend our Melbourne and Sydney meetups as well as the Umbraco Down Under Festival talk very highly of Codegarden, the camaraderie and the inclusivity of first-timers. The connections made and the knowledge they bring back from this event is immeasurable. I want to be one of them.''

Chris Geiser, chief technology officer at The Garrigan Lyman Group, is looking forward to hearing talks on the latest industry trends.

"Codegarden is one of the top software conferences out there, not only because of the ability to stay ahead of what is coming from Umbraco, but because of the valuable perspectives brought by subject matter experts in so many areas. Codegarden provides a 360 degree view into where things are headed."

Why attend Codegarden?

Upgrade your industry intel and skills

We've got some of the best minds in the business bringing you all the latest in tech, so there's plenty to learn!

Get up to date on what's hot, what's new and what's changing.

Grow your network

Don't just sit back and watch - kickstart a conversation with the great minds watching along with you. Who knows what great connections you could make?

Plus, by attending live you get the chance to speak directly to Umbraco HQ - the company behind the Umbraco CMS. 

Have fun!

No Zoom fatigue around here. Instead, expect a fun and friendly atmosphere, with a feeling of involvement and togetherness between attendees. 

Expect some chances to interact as you watch along. 

Celebrate and be inspired

The annual Umbraco Awards showcases the most innovative of Umbraco solutions; the all-new Package Awards highlights the creativity of community-based Umbraco Package authors, and the MVP Awards celebrate the most active in the community.

Should I still attend if I don't use Umbraco? 🤔

Absolutely! Don’t worry if you never worked with the Umbraco CMS before - Codegarden is open to all!

With three days filled with valuable talks from industry experts, interactive panels, and fun sessions, Codegarden is the technology event of the season that will keep you up to date on all the latest industry trends and developments.

From ASP.NET Core 5 and Cloud Technology through digital experience to accessibility, we’ve got you covered - and for free!

Codegarden is the place to be for professional networking - so come and connect with everyone from marketers and project managers to developers and CTOs.

See you in June

Get your free ticket to experience Codegarden for yourself