Codegarden Tickets for Umbraco Partners

New for 2024: Buy Codegarden Tickets with Partner Credits

There are a number of great ways to spend your Partner Credits that you have received in connection with your Partner Level - one of those is Codegarden and the Umbraco Business Summit! 

Though you can still buy tickets directly, paying with Credits and their great value means you get a better price for your tickets.


How many Credits does a Codegarden ticket cost?*

The amount of Credits to purchase a ticket is equivalent to the current ticket price - for example, Early Bird price until 18th April 2024. 

*Please note that these prices - and therefore amount of Credits - may vary based on your local currency, and possible VAT.



Codegarden 3-Day In-Person

995€ 795€ + VAT* 
Early Bird price until April 18

*Danish VAT (25%) applies.

Codegarden 1-Day In-Person

395€ + VAT*

*Danish VAT (25%) applies.

Codegarden Online Experience

285€ + VAT*

*Danish VAT (25%) applies. Non-Danish EU companies may be able to 'claim back' this VAT. Read more information on this at

Umbraco Business Summit 

185€ + VAT*

*Danish VAT (25%) applies.

Buy tickets with Credits