What is Codegarden?

Codegarden is the Umbraco tech conference like no other...

Codegarden is a one-of-a-kind conference experience mixing learning and collaboration with just the right amount of fun and crazy.

It's the annual celebration of all things Umbraco, and the fantastic things that people can do and make with it, serving to inform and inspire.

What's more, it's the biggest congregation of Umbraco users and developers in the world.


Mike Fitzpatrick, Senior Software Engineer
The openness and honesty from speaking with everyone at Umbraco HQ was incredibly refreshing to experience! It really created such a friendly, personal and non-corporatized environment.

What to expect from Codegarden

Connect and celebrate

Codgarden is not your typical tech conference - it's filled with humour, buzz, hilarity, and the best company. See for yourself why Umbraco is so much more than just a software.

Dive-deep into Umbraco 

Come face-to-face with Umbraco HQ and hear about the direction and development of the CMS from the builders. Learn new ways to build and extend Umbraco from fellow developers.

Knowledge-sharing in action

Come together with the wider developer community to learn and grow in a relaxed and fun knowledge-sharing environment. Leave inspired and wiser than ever before!

Laura Weatherhead, Full-stack Developer

Codegarden is a conference like no other: expect to learn all about Umbraco and how it’s used, but also how to beat your colleagues at naily log and see how they cope under bingo pressure. Come away feeling inspired, enthused, and a touch competitive!

Not your average developer conference...