Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at Codegarden


We strive to create a diverse environment in and around Umbraco. We believe that diverse groups are better able to generate ideas/solutions as they bring different perspectives to the table, and help us flourish as a company and as humans.

Furthermore, we believe in actively supporting people to thrive, develop and expand their talent, and that everyone should be invited to participate in their own right to get equal opportunities. 

At Umbraco, we will ensure that we are diverse and inclusive in all our activities including developer community activities, marketing, communication, and events.

All of the above is - by extension - applicable to Codegarden.

For Codegarden 2024, we are actively seeking to increase the diversity and accessibility of the event, to provide a safe, inclusive, and fun atmosphere for all who attend. Just as we expect and require Codegarden attendees to act in accordance with the Umbraco Code of Conduct, we pledge to create an event that represents these values. 

We recognise that there is a harsh under-representation of certain groups within tech such as women, non-white people, and people with disabilities - particularly at tech conferences. Therefore, we will take action to improve the diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility of the Codegarden conference and create opportunities for these under-represented groups. 

To challenge this, we will:

  • feature a diverse speaker lineup from different backgrounds, genders, and geographic locations. We strongly encourage people from all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences to submit their proposals.

  • provide sign-language interpretation, where relevant, to guarantee that all can benefit from the great speakers and their sessions
  • ask about attendees' needs at ticket purchase, to open the line of communication and understand the areas that need extra attention

  • make accommodations for attendees with disabilities, where relevant and possible

  • offer 10 free diversity tickets, to ensure that women and other minority groups get a better opportunity to take part

  • reinforce and reiterate the Umbraco Code of Conduct during the event, to remind attendees of the behaviour we expect at all of our events, including Codegarden.

If you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can make Codegarden 2024 as accessible and inclusive as possible, please reach out to the Events Team at events@umbraco.dk.


To report a violation of the Code of Conduct, please reach out to one of the following: