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Diversity Tickets at Codegarden 2024

With the Diversity Tickets program, we offer 10 free Codegarden in person tickets and 10 free Codegarden online tickets, which aim to help underrepresented groups in the tech industry to attend. This includes, but isn’t limited to: women and nonbinary individuals, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and people with health conditions or impairments. 

We strive to create a diverse environment in and around Umbraco and Codegarden. Therefore, we also hope that this program can help support underrepresented people to attend our event.  Read more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion at Codegarden

The Codegarden 2024 in person ticket includes:
  • Pre-Party at Umbraco HQ on Tuesday 11 June
  • 3 full days of Umbraco from 12 - 14 June
  • A ton of inspiring talks
  • Lunch and dinner during the conference
  • All the coffee, water and snacks you can handle
  • Social events and evening activities (meaning we ain't done when the sessions are!)
The Codegarden 2024 full online experience ticket includes: 
  • 3 full days of Umbraco from 12 - 14 June, meaning you'll have full access to the Umbraco Events platform 
  • A ton of inspiring talks live streamed from the Codegarden venue 
  • The possibility to watch or rewatch all sessions on the Umbraco Events platform 
All of the above is optional, and we welcome all attendees to create their own personal program, attending the sessions and social events that are attractive to them. 
The Codegarden 2024 ticket does not include travel or accommodation expenses.

How to apply 

Diversity tickets can be applied for by you as a first-time attendee belonging to an underrepresented group, or you can nominate someone who should be considered for a ticket. 
Please answer the questions below to complete the application. Your answers will only be used to review eligibility for a free Codegarden Diversity Ticket, and for booking a seat in case your application is confirmed. 
Note: The free ticket you will receive, in case you are one of the lucky winners, will not state it is a diversity ticket. 
The form closes 14 March 2024 and all applicants will get an answer by 25 March 2024. This means that you still have time to buy tickets at Early Bird price (until 18 April 2024) if you don't get a Diversity Ticket.

Codegarden 2024 Diversity Tickets application

For any questions related to this form, please reach out to the Umbraco Events Team: events@umbraco.dk 

Submissions close 14th March 2024

Nominator information

Please enter some information about you. If nominating yourself, please write 'N/A'.

Attendee information

Please fill in the information of the person who will be attending Codegarden 2024 (if selected for a Codegarden 2024 Diversity Ticket).

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