Codegarden Diversity Tickets

What are diversity tickets?

We are committed to creating a diverse environment in and around Umbraco and Codegarden.

With the Diversity Tickets program, we offer 10 free Codegarden tickets which aim to help underrepresented groups in the tech industry to attend. This includes but certainly isn’t limited to: women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and people with health conditions or impairments. 


What does the diversity ticket cover?

The Codegarden 2023 diversity ticket grants access to all 3 days of the Umbraco Codegarden conference, including all social events and evening events. Lunch and dinner (as well as coffee, water and snacks) are also included.

A Codegarden 2023 diversity ticket does not cover travel and accommodation expenses.

How to apply

Please answer the questions below in order to apply for a free Codegarden 2023 ticket. Your answers will only be used to review eligibility for a free Codegarden Diversity Ticket, and practical information for your ticket if your application is confirmed. 
We particularly encourage first-time attendees and underrepresented minorities to apply. 

The form closes 10th of March, 2023, and all applicants will receive an answer by 14th of March, 2023.

Apply for a Codegarden diversity ticket

If you are a freelancer, contractor, or similar, then please write that instead.
We'd like to know a bit more about your background, your experience with the Umbraco Community, and anything else that you would like to share with us.
Please only share what you are comfortable with