Codegarden 2021 - Viewing Party 🎉

Want to host your own Viewing Party?

Our virtual, one-of-a-kind Codegarden is right around the corner 🤩 And we simply can't wait to be joined by amazing folks from all over the globe, attending from the comfort of their home/office. But wouldn't it be great to plan a small, Covid-friendly gathering and get to watch Codegarden together?

Now that restrictions are slowly being lifted in many countries, this might just be your chance to organize your own local Viewing Party 🎉 So how can you make that happen? We've got you covered 👇


What is a Viewing Party? 

A Viewing Party is a gathering of people who have the chance to watch and attend Codegarden 2021 together. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet other attendees, both first-timers and/or “regular” local attendees so that you can share this virtual, one-of-a-kind Codegarden experience! 

You can host a Viewing Party in-person as well as virtually. All of this depends on what you, as the host, want to achieve within your country’s regulations. 

“Does this mean that if I watch Codegarden together with a colleague, it’s a Viewing Party? 🤔

Well, not exactly 😉

A Viewing Party needs to include a minimum of 10 attendees and preferably from your local Umbraco community (not your company 😉). And of course, we need to receive some kind of proof that you are hosting a Viewing Party. At least if you want the chance to win a special prize 🏆

Are you ready to host your own Viewing Party? If so, keep on reading 👇😀

Why host a Viewing Party? 

There are several reasons why you should host a Codegarden 2021 Viewing Party. Let’s give you some of the most important ones: 

👉 It’s the perfect opportunity to meet and engage with the local attendees - either in-person or virtually! 

👉 It’s way more fun to share the whole experience with others! You'll have the chance to discuss the sessions and content with the other attendees at your party while still getting to connect with the global attendees on your computer.

👉 You have the chance to win a special prize 🏆 How? Just take an amazing picture of your Viewing Party and send it over to us. We’ll choose a winner between the 3 best pictures and announce it right after Codegarden 2021.


Who can host a Viewing Party? 

Anyone, really. But we especially encourage our meetup organizers to host viewing parties, as they already have engagement with the local community. 

And now, let's get to the details 🤓👇

Codegarden 2021 Timeline

Day 0, June 9, 2021

  • Umbraco Awards: 5 PM CEST 
  • Pre-Party: 8 PM CEST 

Day 1, June 10, 2021 

12:30 PM CEST - 11:25 PM CEST 

Day 2, June 11, 2021 

10:30 AM CEST - 9:10 PM CEST 

How Umbraco HQ can help you

We are here to guide you and give you our very best tips and tricks. 

If you have any questions about anything specific, you are more than welcome to reach out to Trine, aka BAM.


Organizer Guide 

Want to organize and host a Viewing Party?

Awesome! 🤩

We have gathered some overall guidelines for you to use and get inspired from when planning your very own local Codegarden 2021 Viewing Party 👏 


2-4 weeks prior to the event 

✅ Local Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions 

Please be aware of your local Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions. These are very important, especially if you are planning to host an in-person Viewing Party. It’s important that your attendees feel comfortable when attending an in-person event. Therefore, you should follow your local guidelines and restrictions. 

If you are not completely aware of these, please check up on this before planning the event further, or maybe you should host a virtual Viewing Party instead? 💻

 Venue and/or Platform

This, of course, depends on whether your Viewing Party is an in-person or virtual event. 

  • Only for in-person Viewing Parties 

Secure a space for your Viewing Party that is big enough to accommodate your attendees while making sure there is enough space and room for everyone to keep a safe distance.

  • Only for Virtual Viewing Parties

Choose the perfect platform for your Virtual Viewing Party. Zoom, Teams, or maybe you have or know a better platform to use for your Viewing Party. 

 AV equipment

Proper AV equipment is needed whether you are hosting an in-person Viewing Party or an online Viewing Party. 

Only for In-person Viewing Parties 

  1. A proper internet connection is essential, especially if you watch the live stream from a specific venue. Remember to check up on this 😉
  2. Secondly, you’ll need a screen. The bigger your audience is, the bigger the screen will have to be (or you can use multiple screens). To see the live stream, all you have is to plug in your computer to the screen or projector.
  3. It might be obvious that sound is essential for an in-person Viewing Party to give the audience the chance actually to listen to the different sessions. The larger the room and the bigger the audience, the more important it is to have proper sound. 
  • Only for Virtual Viewing Parties 
  1. A proper internet connection is essential

  2. Where are you planning to be during the event? Think of your surroundings and noise factors. It isn't very pleasant when people are talking in the background while you are talking 😅

✅ Should it be free, or should there be a fee? 

Well, this is actually up to you to decide whether or not you would like to charge something for the local attendees to join your Viewing Party. This might be depending on whether the event is in-person or virtual and what you would like to offer the attendees, including food, soda, beer, swag, etc. 


Determine your invitation list and make sure that everyone receives the invitation.


1 week prior to the event  

✅Check your RSVPs - have you heard from everyone? 

✅ Send a reminder email to your attendees 


  • Only for in-person Viewing Parties

✅ Make sure you have everything for the venue, including tables and chairs, extension cords, adaptors, etc. 

✅ Make arrangements for food and beverages, if this is something you are providing 

✅ Prepare and gather any materials you will be providing the attendees 


Day of the event 

✅ Ensure your internet signal is strong 

✅ Welcome the individual attendees

✅ Interactivity during the event - make a plan for how this will work, and if people are welcome to log in at the platform individually to ask questions and be a part of the break-out rooms, etc. 

✅ Take a beautiful, creative picture of your Local Viewing Party that Umbraco HQ can use during the live event 👏 Whoever takes the nicest picture will have the chance to win a special prize 🤩


  • Only for in-person Viewing Parties

✅ Set the stage, chairs, tables, etc. Make sure the venue looks nice and clean and has the proper equipment etc. 

✅ Set out any materials you will be distributing related to the event 

✅ Test that you can enter the live stream of Codegarden 2021 before your attendees arrive 


After the event 

✅ Thank the local community for participating at your Viewing Party 

✅ Make sure to share any relevant information and data with our Brilliant Activities Master, Trine Nissen, at 


Are you ready to plan your very own Codegarden Viewing Party? 😉

We sure hope you are, and we simply can't wait to #SeeYouAtCodegarden